About Classical Entertainment

Classical Entertainment is a consortium of professional musicians, mainly classically trained, who offer a unique range of services to the entertainment industry. Founded by Richard Stark, a classically trained singer with over 15 years' experience in both Operas, Cabaret, Concerts and Music Festivals.

With their experience and connections with the world of Opera, the West End as well as musicians from other walks of life such as Rock & World Music, Classical Entertainment is able to offer a range of musical services - some traditional some innovative - to provide entertainment to suit almost every occasion, from small private functions to larger corporate functions to small-mid scale productions.

Previous Clients/Events include :-

Birmingham NEC - Opera Cabaret
The Hurlingham Club, Fulham - Opera Duo
Kensington Roof Gardens - Singing Waiters
London Lancaster Gate Hotel - Solo Vocal
Barrington Theatre, Bournemouth - Opera Scenes/Cabaret
Sewerby Hall, Bridlington - Proms-style Concert
Headingley Cricket Ground - 3 Tenors Concert
Glastonbury Festival - Opera Cabaret
Rhythms of the World Festival - World Music/Opera Concert
BAFTA Film Awards - solo Instrumental
Aylesbury Vale Proms in the Park - Opera duo with orchestra
British Telecom Event, Post Office Tower - Singing Waiters
Helen Rollason Foundation Gala Ball, Intercontinental Hotel - Solo Vocal

Newark Music Festival - Solo Vocal
Innumerable Corporate & Private functions, Music Festivals etc.

Feel free to also take a look at our sister site, classicaltribute.com

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